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Spectrum Decorative Finishes, Inc. has been providing lustrous aircraft interior finishes since 1995 - including rich wood grains, exciting technical patterns, and silky paint. We are one of the largest hydrographic and paint decorators in the industry, utilizing the latest technology in robot application in clean room environments. With the addition of the RAYN Technology 3D surface treatment, Spectrum Decorative Finishes, Inc. now offers the design community a broad range of flexibility in creating and applying innovative designs.




Water transfer printed designs onto 3D surfaces

Piano Black Paint

Specialty hi-gloss paint finish

RAYN Technology

Unique, low-cost, low investment surface decoration solution.

Supply Chain

Component sourcing and management


  • Aluminum
  • Kydex ®
  • Radel ®
  • Plastic resins
  • Honeycomb
  • Other - If it's paintable, it can be decorated

Performance Testing

  • Vertical Burn
  • Smoke Density
  • Smoke Toxicity
  • Heat Release


Brown Diamond

ID# 1215

Brown Cross Stitch

ID# 1284

Silver and Grey Waves

ID# 1327

Silver and Grey Waves

ID# 1443

Blue Stones

ID# 1590

Woodgrain Pattern with Orange Red Lines

ID# 1591

Blue Spirals

ID# 1592

Black Base with Curved White Lines

ID# 1594

Black Base with White Cross Pattern

ID# 1605

Silver Abstract Lines

ID# 1609

Silver Woodgrain with Embeded Logo

ID# 1610

Eletric Blue

ID# 1611

Electric Green

ID# 1611

Green Cross Patterns

ID# 1616

Black Base with Yellow Circles

ID# 1620

Textured Woodgrain

ID# 1628

Stained Wood

ID# 1630

Marble Wood

ID# 1631

Rustic Woodgrain

ID# 1632

Dark Woodgrain

ID# 1634

Light Wood

ID# 1635

Two Tone Dark Woodgrain with Carbon Fiber

ID# 1641

Two Tone Light Woodgrain with Carbon Fiber

ID# 1642

Two Tone Brown with Sivler Stripe

ID# 1643

Two Tone Wood Grain

ID# 1644

Two Tone Wood Grain

ID# 1652


ID# BS020

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The experienced staff at Spectrum Decorative Finishes, Inc. looks forward to assisting you with your aerospace service needs.