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About Us

Spectrum Industries Decorative Finishes Division was established in 1990. Our facility utilizes state-of-the-art, six axis robots with a clean room environment to produce high-volume, painted, plastic parts. As the pioneer of robotic hydrographics, we are the largest provider of hydrographics in North America. In addition to wood grains and technical patterns, we specialize in high-end finishes such as piano black, clear coat, metallic and other specialty paints.




Water transfer printed designs onto 3D surfaces

Piano Black Paint

Specialty hi-gloss paint finish

Base/Clear Coat Paint

Bottom layer of paint (base) to prepare part for color and top layer of paint (clear coat) to preserve finished product

Monocoat Paint

Protects and colors in a single coat

Molding and Assembly

Mask Painting

Dedicated work center with two six axis robots.

RAYN Technology

Unique, low-cost, low investment surface decoration solution.

Approved Specifications

Company Specification
FCA MS.90053
Ford WSS-M15P34-E / WSS-M2P188-A1
GM GMW16717
GM GM7455M
Honda 0096Z-SEC-A0000
Honda 7725Z-TM8-0000 / 7729Z-T6L-H000
Nissan NES M5081
Toyota TSH3130G

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The experienced staff at Spectrum Industries Decorative Finishes Division looks forward to assisting you with your service needs.